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What is there to tell you about wrestlers that you do not already know? Well, you can find that answer out yourself by browsing our massive wrestlers database that has been the backbone of the site since 2005. The biggest stars and the most unknown rookies, all of them are included in the database and can be commented on, rated and generally browsed for huge amounts of information -- as long as the individuals have received professional training. No backyarders allowed, so please do not contact us about your buddy just because he can do a really cool pile driver. Non-wrestlers, like referees, commentators or promoters are included as well as a few celebrities who have stepped into the ring themselves. However, for celebrities the rating system has been deactivated (you can still comment on them), because this is not the place to rate celebrities; this is the one place to rate wrestlers.
# Gimmick Birthday Height Weight Promotion Rating
1 No picture available Matt Novak 178 82  
2 No picture available Ida Mae Martinez 09.09.1931 157 57  
3 No picture available Zafiro  
4 No picture available Destello 16.08.1988 164 83  
5 No picture available DerRic Starlight 21.11.1982  
6 No picture available Deonta Davis  
7 No picture available Cachorro II 172 73  
8 No picture available Guerrero WMC 22.03.1986 100  
9 Yuri Kotobuki (Ice Ribbon, 2014) Yuri Kotobuki 16.02.1994 162 52 Ice Ribbon  
10 No picture available Yamamoto SAN 09.06.1972 182 82 Guts World Prowrestling  
# Gimmick Promotion Birth country Last event Rating
1 Jushin Thunder Liger (CHIKARA, 2013) Jushin Thunder Liger New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku 2015 - Tag 8 (28.04.2015) 9.58
2 Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW, 2014) Hiroshi Tanahashi New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku 2015 - Tag 8 (28.04.2015) 9.45
3 Cesaro (WWE, 2015) Cesaro World Wrestling Entertainment Schweiz WWE Extreme Rules 2015 (26.04.2015) 9.33
4 Manami Toyota (OZ, 2013) Manami Toyota Japan OZ Academy The Blue Dragon (26.04.2015) 9.31
5 Shinsuke Nakamura (NJPW, 2014) Shinsuke Nakamura New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku 2015 - Tag 8 (28.04.2015) 9.31
6 Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH, 2015) Naomichi Marufuji Pro Wrestling NOAH Japan NOAH Global Tag League 2015 - Tag 5 ~ NOAH TEISEN FINAL (26.04.2015) 9.26
7 Kensuke Sasaki (Diamond Ring, 2013) Kensuke Sasaki Japan Nico Nico Super Conference 2015 - Nico Nico Super Pro-Wrestling DAY 1 (25.04.2015) 9.23
8 Daniel Bryan (WWE, 2015) Daniel Bryan World Wrestling Entertainment USA WWE Thursday Night SmackDown #817 (14.04.2015) 9.19
9 Keiji Muto (AJPW, 2014) Keiji Muto WRESTLE-1 Japan W-1 WRESTLE-1 Tour 2015 Cherry Blossom - Tag 1 (01.04.2015) 9.19
10 Hideo Itami (WWE, 2014) Hideo Itami World Wrestling Entertainment Japan WWE NXT-Tapings (23.04.2015) 9.16
11 Go Shiozaki (AJPW, 2014) Go Shiozaki All Japan Pro Wrestling Japan AJPW Champion Carnival 2015 - Tag 10 (25.04.2015) 9.14
12 Chris Hero (Europa, 2014) Chris Hero USA NOAH Global Tag League 2015 - Tag 5 ~ NOAH TEISEN FINAL (26.04.2015) 9.11
13 Alex Shelley (NJPW, 2014) Alex Shelley USA NJPW Invasion Attack 2015 (05.04.2015) 9.10
14 AJ Styles (NJPW, 2014) AJ Styles New Japan Pro Wrestling USA Remix Pro Throwdown For The Pound - Chance's Eleven (25.04.2015) 9.10
15 Sami Zayn (WWE, 2015) Sami Zayn World Wrestling Entertainment Canada WWE NXT-Tapings (23.04.2015) 9.08
16 CIMA (Dragon Gate, 2015) CIMA Dragon Gate Japan Dragon Gate The Gate Of Passion - Tag 11 (26.04.2015) 9.04
17 Finn Balor (WWE, 2015) Finn Balor World Wrestling Entertainment Ireland WWE NXT-Tapings (23.04.2015) 9.04
18 Yuji Nagata (NJPW, 2013) Yuji Nagata New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku 2015 - Tag 8 (28.04.2015) 9.01
19 Jun Kasai (FREEDOMS, 2012) Jun Kasai Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS Japan WAVE Platinum Friday Night ~ Shuu Shibutani Retirement ~ (17.04.2015) 8.97
20 Minoru Suzuki (NJPW, 2013) Minoru Suzuki Japan NOAH Global Tag League 2015 - Tag 5 ~ NOAH TEISEN FINAL (26.04.2015) 8.90
21 Kota Ibushi (DDT, 2014) Kota Ibushi Dramatic Dream Team Japan Nico Nico Super Conference 2015 - Nico Nico Super Pro-Wrestling DAY 2 (26.04.2015) 8.88
22 Samoa Joe (Independent, 2015) Samoa Joe USA PWX The Line Has Been Drawn (19.04.2015) 8.87
23 Great Sasuke (MPW, 2013) Great Sasuke Michinoku Pro Wrestling Japan Michinoku Pro Michinoku Pro Wrestling Tokyo Conference Vol. 2 ~ Hyakusen Renma ~ (11.04.2015) 8.84
24 Doug Williams (Europa, 2014) Doug Williams England RPW Best Of British 2015 (26.04.2015) 8.83
25 Daisuke Sekimoto (BJW, 2014) Daisuke Sekimoto Big Japan Pro-Wrestling Japan BJW Death Market 26 (26.04.2015) 8.82
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Terry Funk (ECW, 1994)
Joey Styles: "This is Joey Styles in the locker room of the ECW Arena and I'm standing here with the former Eastern Championship Wrestlling Televison Champion, Terry Funk." Terry Funk: "Joey Styles, I wanna say a couple...Read on!

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Last 3 comments
[9.0] "This was amazing. Bryan Danielson was as good as he always is, and Morishima was AMAZING in this Vader-esq role that he had going on in ROH. Amazing match. ****1/4."
[9.0] "WWE comes out with a great event with no weak points. That's the show for anybody: Great american wrestling (Tag Titles Match) and gimmick matches (Russian Chain Match was weak and emotionless, however that's still sth, not just a STF and finishing a fight). Big time storyline during a match itself with Ambrose and Harper, eventually finished after almost an hour. Great promotion of Sheamus: even tho he lost he destroyed Ziggler. Nice divas match showed that Naomi may be another women who will carry this division on her shoulders. A show-stealer by Reigns and Show with average storyline, but at the same time with adequate gimmick match. Marvellous segment with a little angry Bo and Ryback. And the main event: Seth is still the opportunist, Kane is the brightest man in the Authority and Orton won't lose after an RKO. After memorable WrestleMania, WWE showed their guts and served a classic PPV. Next one will not be probably good at all, but the Universe may be pleased after Extreme Rules."
Entotrte wrote about New Day:
[9.0] "The reason why I rate this stable formed by the WWE superstars Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E (Previously known as Big E Langston) a nine out of ten is because his recent heel run has been absolutely terrific, in the best possible way. It is a shame that they ratings are so low because of their atrocious babyface run which lasted way too long."
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