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What is there to tell you about wrestlers that you do not already know? Well, you can find that answer out yourself by browsing our massive wrestlers database that has been the backbone of the site since 2005. The biggest stars and the most unknown rookies, all of them are included in the database and can be commented on, rated and generally browsed for huge amounts of information -- as long as the individuals have received professional training. No backyarders allowed, so please do not contact us about your buddy just because he can do a really cool pile driver. Non-wrestlers, like referees, commentators or promoters are included as well as a few celebrities who have stepped into the ring themselves. However, for celebrities the rating system has been deactivated (you can still comment on them), because this is not the place to rate celebrities; this is the one place to rate wrestlers.
# Gimmick Birthday Height Weight Promotion Rating
1 No picture available Mike Law 170 74  
2 No picture available MA 31.08.2000 190 93  
3 No picture available Kimmy Shellhammer 175 57  
4 No picture available Juan Diaz  
5 No picture available Johnny Malloy 11.06.1987 128  
6 No picture available Andrew Wilder 175 65  
7 No picture available Andrew Hunter 04.09.1987 180 85  
8 No picture available Alfa Centauris  
9 No picture available Alfa 3000 06.08.1988  
10 No picture available Andrea The Giant 190 118  
# Gimmick Promotion Birth country Last event Rating
1 Jushin Thunder Liger (NJPW, 2016) Jushin Thunder Liger New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW G1 Climax 26 - Tag 6 (27.07.2016) 9.58
2 Chris Jericho (WWE, 2016) Chris Jericho World Wrestling Entertainment USA WWE Monday Night RAW #1209 (25.07.2016) 9.57
3 Shinsuke Nakamura (NJPW, 2016) Shinsuke Nakamura World Wrestling Entertainment Japan WWE NXT Live (23.07.2016) 9.55
4 Hiroshi Tanahashi (ROH, 2016) Hiroshi Tanahashi New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW G1 Climax 26 - Tag 7 (28.07.2016) 9.55
5 Manami Toyota (OZ, 2013) Manami Toyota Japan OZ Academy Aja Kong 30th Anniversary ~ Summer Jumbo Kotobuki (18.07.2016) 9.50
6 Cesaro (WWE, 2016) Cesaro World Wrestling Entertainment Schweiz WWE Monday Night RAW #1209 (25.07.2016) 9.40
7 Austin Aries (WWE, 2016) Austin Aries World Wrestling Entertainment USA WWE NXT Live (09.07.2016) 9.37
8 Meiko Satomura (IGF, 2014) Meiko Satomura Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling Japan OZ Academy Aja Kong 30th Anniversary ~ Summer Jumbo Kotobuki (18.07.2016) 9.28
9 Asuka (WWE, 2016) Asuka World Wrestling Entertainment Japan WWE NXT Live (22.07.2016) 9.28
10 Kevin Owens (WWE, 2016) Kevin Owens World Wrestling Entertainment Canada WWE Monday Night RAW #1209 (25.07.2016) 9.27
11 Chris Hero (EVOLVE, 2016) Chris Hero USA TCW High Tide 2016 (24.07.2016) 9.26
12 AJ Styles (WWE, 2016) AJ Styles World Wrestling Entertainment USA WWE SmackDown Live #884 (26.07.2016) 9.26
13 Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH, 2016) Naomichi Marufuji Pro Wrestling NOAH Japan NJPW G1 Climax 26 - Tag 7 (28.07.2016) 9.26
14 Minoru Suzuki (NOAH, 2016) Minoru Suzuki Japan NOAH NTV G+ Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League 2016 - Tag 3 (24.07.2016) 9.25
15 Sami Zayn (WWE, 2016) Sami Zayn World Wrestling Entertainment Canada WWE Monday Night RAW #1209 (25.07.2016) 9.23
16 Kota Ibushi (DDT, 2016) Kota Ibushi Japan WWE Cruiswerweight Classic-Tapings (14.07.2016) 9.23
17 Keiji Muto (AJPW, 2014) Keiji Muto WRESTLE-1 Japan W-1 WRESTLE-1 Tour 2016 Symbol - Tag 1 (01.07.2016) 9.22
18 Hideo Itami (WWE, 2015) Hideo Itami World Wrestling Entertainment Japan WWE NXT Live (22.07.2016) 9.20
19 Kazuchika Okada (ROH, 2016) Kazuchika Okada New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW G1 Climax 26 - Tag 7 (28.07.2016) 9.20
20 CIMA (Dragon Gate, 2016) CIMA Dragon Gate Japan Dragon Gate Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival 2016 (24.07.2016) 9.18
21 Sasha Banks (WWE, 2016) Sasha Banks World Wrestling Entertainment USA WWE Monday Night RAW #1209 (25.07.2016) 9.17
22 Kairi Hojo (Stardom, 2015) Kairi Hojo World Wonder Ring Stardom Japan Stardom Stardom X Stardom 2016 - Tag 1 (24.07.2016) 9.16
23 Go Shiozaki (NOAH, 2016) Go Shiozaki Pro Wrestling NOAH Japan NOAH NTV G+ Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League 2016 - Tag 3 (24.07.2016) 9.13
24 Daisuke Sekimoto (BJW, 2016) Daisuke Sekimoto Big Japan Pro-Wrestling Japan BJW Ryogokutan 2016 (24.07.2016) 9.10
25 Pentagon Jr. (AAA, 2016) Pentagon Jr. Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion Mexiko AAW United We Stand 2016 (23.07.2016) 9.09
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AJ Styles (TNA, 2011)Eric Bischoff (TNA, 2011)
AJ Styles: "Throw it up, Impact! Zone! Look what we've got here. Look what we have got here. I told you Bischoff, that AJ Styles, Fortune will not take a backseat to anyone. You brought this all on yourself. All over your face, all over your head, all over your...Read on!

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Last 3 comments
[7.0] "It does not shine compared to the amazing original Ultima Lucha Part 2, it's still a solid Lucha Underground show with some disappointments. The main event is a worthy match, Rey Mysterio vs Prince Puma is great, but not the best match of this season. Both title matches are good, Taya vs Ivelisse and Dragon Azteca vs Black Lotus are not remarcable. I think the great chance for Dragon Azteca was ruined. The post main event is brilliant."
[8.0] "Like always, the presentation was incredible. The commentary was always fantastic and brings so much to the action. Dux vs Sabre Jr was a good opener and showcase. Commentary was putting Sabre over like crazy, after this I won't be suprised at all if he wins it all. His charisma makes technical wrestling so fun to see ***. Harv vs Gulak was decent but nothing special. Crowd wasn't familiar with some of the submissions and moves **1/2. Bennett vs Nese another decent match, more of a showcase for Nese **1/4. Man did I love The Brian Kendrick in 08. Shame he fell through but great to see him back. He def should trim the hair and beard, he looks kinda creepy. Kendrick vs Mendoza was really fun. Mendoza was really impressive here ***1/2. Overall not as great as the first 2 weeks but still enjoyable. This was more of a showcase show for the top guys as the winners were never in question."
[10.0] "Good LORD that was fun. Loads of great wrestling, unpredictable booking, jobber squashes to break up the pacing just right, post-match interviews, a very strong A-plot with the #1 contendership, and a fun comedy bit that didn't take away from the show. Balor winning the #1 contendership was a huge shock to me, but one that felt earned and incredibly satisfying. It's almost too good to be true. His performance during the night was excellent, too. Sasha finally reaching the top of the mountain was an excellent moment and just the thing to get the crowd and the audience watching at home excited. I don't want Raw to be like this every week, but this was the perfect way to kick it off."
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