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WWE Money In The Bank 2013

Name of the event: WWE Money In The Bank 2013
Date: 14.07.2013
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment
Type: Pay Per View
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Arena: Wells Fargo Center
Broadcast type: Live
Broadcast date: 14.07.2013
TV station/network: PPV Sender
Commentary by: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & John Bradshaw Layfield
PPV buyrate (absolute): 199.000
Discussion: Thread on the Cageboard
World Heavyweight Title Contract Money In The Bank Ladder Match (Recommended, Meltzer: ***3/4)
Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) (c) defeats The Miz (9:20)
AJ Lee (w/Big E. Langston) (c) defeats Kaitlyn (w/Layla) (7:02)
Singles Match
Ryback defeats Chris Jericho (11:21)
WWE Heavyweight Title Contract Money In The Bank Ladder Match (Recommended, Meltzer: ****1/2)
Discussion on the Cageboard about this event
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Leone wrote on 16.07.2013:
[7.0] "The Money In The Bank matches themselves were very good, as was the Ziggler/Del Rio match up until the ending. Jericho even had a pretty good match against Ryback. But the others were just okay, with Henry/Cena being the slowest match of the night."
TheIbar wrote on 16.07.2013:
[10.0] "Fantastic Pay-Per View! The best WWE PPV in 2013 by far. Three amazing matches (2 MITBs and WHC), a very enjoyable battle between Cena and Henry, Ryback and Jericho also wrestled a decent match. Miz-Axel was the weakest one, it would be perfect, if they made it a kickoff match instead of the awesome Tag Team match between Usos and The Shield. A lot of shocking moments on this PPV. The crowd was great, they made their presence felt. Overall, a very strong PPV from WWE."
Evan Callaway wrote on 15.07.2013:
[8.0] "The World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank match was the best match of all. I just didn't like John Cena retained his championship again."
Blodyxe wrote on 15.07.2013:
[4.0] "Great opener with a bad winner, absolutely crappy midcard and semi-mainevent matches. Raw MITB was disappointing for me, because I saw more consistent matches with ladders before. Show was overbooked and the winners are pretty confusing. Still a good result for a PPV of this caliber."

Current Total Rating
Valid Votes: 68
Number of comments: 44
10.0 2x
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Average Rating: 7.66
Average in 2014: 8.00
Average in 2013: 7.65

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